Top 10 biggest billboards in the world

Billboards have long been an iconic part of the urban landscape, capturing our attention with their massive displays and creative designs.
  1. Piccadilly Lights – London, UK: Located in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus, this iconic digital billboard displays numerous advertisements and is one of the most famous advertising screens in the world.
  2. Times Square Billboards – New York City, USA: Times Square in NYC features a collection of massive LED billboards that illuminate the area with an array of advertisements and digital displays.
  3. Luzon LED Billboard – Manila, Philippines: This enormous LED billboard is situated along the busy EDSA highway in Manila and is known for its vibrant and dynamic displays.
  4. Burj Khalifa LED Facade – Dubai, UAE: While not a traditional billboard, the LED facade of the Burj Khalifa is often used for monumental advertising and light shows, making it one of the most visually striking advertising spaces globally.
  5. Yas Marina LED Billboard – Abu Dhabi, UAE: This massive LED screen is located at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and serves as a prominent advertising space during events and races.
  6. The Big Picture – Johannesburg, South Africa: Situated near the Sandton City Mall, this large digital billboard is known for its impressive size and captivating displays.
  7. Mitsubishi Electric Screen – Tokyo, Japan: This LED billboard in Tokyo is hosted by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and is one of the largest curved LED displays in the world.
  8. Coca-Cola Sign – Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia: The iconic Coca-Cola sign in Sydney is one of the most recognized landmarks, featuring a massive LED display that has been lighting up the city for decades.
  9. Ginza Sony Building – Tokyo, Japan: This towering LED display on the Ginza Sony Building in Tokyo is known for its innovative and visually striking advertising campaigns.
  10. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark LED Screen – Singapore: While not a traditional billboard, the LED screen on the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark in Singapore is often used for advertising during events and special occasions.



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